Your website’s design can either build or break the business you deliver. When your customers visit the website, they get the first impression of your company, which means that they will judge your business immediately. In fact, websites are like customer service agents. Indeed, a well-designed website is an opportunity for your business to highlight your unique features and you can show your audience why they should choose your business over the competition. Besides, if the website is modern, bright and inviting, customers feel welcome on your page.

The design delivers your company’s message to the audience and plays a crucial role in your company’s success. Our team creates innovative, approachable and valuable designs, which easily communicate with customers and precisely delineate key corporate messages. Apart from solid navigation, responsive design, and page speed, LavaPi’s team focuses on high quality, visually appealing and easy to use designs.

Firstly, when people access websites, they want to get the information as easily as possible. The website needs to implement simple navigation, as no one wants to struggle and waste time trying to find the desired information. Secondly, responsive design is important as the audience uses a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Thirdly, page speed ensures that your website loads fast so that users can access information within seconds. If the page takes too much time to load, people lose interest.

Do you want to have the best popularity and profit for your business? Invest in designing a website and make people learn more about you. LavaPi’s designers guarantee a modern, well-designed, responsive and welcoming design for your business.


Nowadays the web development industry has become a leading factor in product marketing or business promotion as it plays a crucial role in a company’s success. Indeed, websites help your business grow, attract customers and reach potential partners. The website is the face of your company that is why it should look like a true professional. When it comes to the relationship between the company and its’ website’s visitors, trust and good impression play a huge role in the further partnership.

When building websites, LavaPi’s professional team of developers use modern, premier and the most worthy technologies, which guarantee the stability, fast service and user-friendliness. Fulfilling various projects in multiple industries and businesses such as education, media, e-commerce, travel, etc. gives us the right to announce about LavaPi’s team’s wide experience in web development.


Mobile applications are software developed for use on wireless mobile devices such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, and all kinds of wearable devices which run mobile operating systems. LavaPi’s team of professionals is always ready to help you turn your app ideas into business reality.

In today’s digital world, mobile apps make it easier to promote your products and services. Moreover, your company’s app will make you engage with your customers and suggest promotional offers in real-time. Indeed, companies with mobile apps make better impressions on the audience and it allows them to give feedback, for example, a review or a complaint. Besides, having a mobile app gives your business a positive image. LavaPi’s team creates a modern, well-designed, easy to use mobile applications for your business.

Here we provide statistics and facts about Mobile App usage, developed by Statista, the leading provider of market and consumer data: “Google Play generates the largest amount of worldwide app downloads. In 2019, app users downloaded 21.3 billion apps from Google Play. However, the Apple app store dominates the market in terms of consumer spending, taking 64 percent share of worldwide consumer spending on app stores. By 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate over 9935 billion U.S. dollars through paid downloads and in-app advertising.

With the global number of mobile phone users growing steadily, the number of app downloads is also projected to increase. As of 2019, over 2 million apps are available for download on the Google Play store, while 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store. Retention rates, however, have not seen a corresponding upward trend. The global app retention rate after 10 sessions stood at 32 percent in 2019, a decrease from 38 percent in the previous year. In total, a quarter of mobile apps were only used once after downloading.”