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Within the last few years, we have gained our reputation as the top software and website development service provider for local and global clients. We build our services on most trending technologies and development expertise on fully functional websites, desktop, and mobile applications. LavaPi’s outsourced web and mobile development services help you manage, distribute, and share your content more efficiently since 2018.

With a bunch of brilliant minds, we develop and deliver highly customised websites, E-Commerce, ERP systems, social networking, enterprise mobile app and software solutions worldwide. Our great support team ensures the highest standards of customer success as well. For a smooth user experience and maximum uptime of the IT services, we offer professional maintenance services, so you are never left alone.

Core Values

Core values
Diversity and flexibility are LavaPi’s top corporate values along with harmony and creativity. Guided by the innovation and quality, we work for the same goals and appreciate the effort of each team member. Great companies are built from great minds, so we seek and retain the most experienced geeks.


We crave to help companies pivot to digital and implement the latest technologies. We aspire to become the most trusted name in the global software development sector. We strive to put our best efforts into every project with transparency and precision.


Our vision is to grow globally and offer affordable outsourced software solutions in every tiny part of the world. We tend to build diverse talent pool and initiate unique ideas to become the true pioneers of tomorrow’s technologies.
That’s right, we are LavaPeople!
  • Teona
  • Natia
  • Irine
  • Giorgi
  • Maria
  • Zviadi
  • Giga
  • Joseph
  • Valerian
  • Vlad
  • Sophie
And yes, ‘Tomorrow is here’
Creative Dots

It all started on a starry night when Zviad, our CTO, young and gifted pianist by that time decided to type on a different kind of a keyboard… And to make tech instead of art. The transition from pianist to a professional web developer proved to be a total success for the company.

Work Dots

After eight years of successful experience as a developer, Zviad, and a talented marketing professional Teona decided to collect a bunch of creative minds and establish the company. Other members joined the team pretty soon, bringing their unique ideas. Right, it was a snowy evening when the launch of a successful IT company took place, and the new era has begun.

Deal Dots

On 3.14/2018, during the branding process, boys suggested “Lava” to be the company name, but ladies insisted on bringing more creativity using technology-related terms, and they finally came up with the mathematical ‘Pi.’ Indeed, on a sunny day, at 3:14 sharp, the name LavaPi was created.

Firing Dots

Today LavaPi’s employees are spread in various locations, happily serving our customers worldwide and delivering top-quality products. Guess what? Seasons, time zones, weather, nothing matters when it comes to making our magic on the market.

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