February, 2021
By Irine Gamkrelidze

Why You Should Use Vue.js as a Front-End

Why You Should Use Vue.js as a Front-End

If JavaScript frameworks were a competitive beauty contest, rest assured that Vue.js would be the queen bee. The creative genius behind the framework is none other than Google's Evan You. Even though Vue.js was first introduced in 2013, it's still managed to beat out giants such as React and Angular. So, what's the fuss around this JavaScript framework? Well, in this article we will give you 5 reasons why you should switch to Vue.js as your main front-end framework.

Perfect stepping stone

If you know a little bit of JavaScript and HTML, but want to create your own application, Vue.js is the way to go. Its uncomplicated features allow the beginners to dip their toes into application building. It is a simple and beginner-friendly platform and does a lot of the work seamlessly on its own.  Vue.js comes with amazing documentation, which makes learning the framework as easy as riding a bike.

Positive impact on SEO

Did we mention that the framework weights 18 kilobytes? Yes, not only is Vue.js itself paperweight, but it also has absolutely no negative impact on your SEO or user experience, quite the opposite actually, developers are praising the effects of Vue.js on their applications. 

Two-way data binding

Two-way data-binding is a connection between mobile data updates and the user interface. Basically, any application that requires real-time updates can utilize this feature for their comfort. It is a handy tool to keep components in sync.

The user interface is a priority

When someone is outsourcing their web project to a developer, one of their main concerns is user experience and interface. Vue.js has a keen focus on UI, it requires only CSS HTML, and JavaScript to know, there simply isn't a lot of framework-specific coding.

Easy maintenance

Imagine you're a person who owns a business, you outsourced your project to a developer, and initially, you were happy with the results. Oftentimes, maintenance is a neglected part of software development. some problems with apps begin when there is a need to update them to fix bugs or add new features. Vue.js maintains as much backward compatibility as possible so there will never be a complication with its app updates.

There's a reason why Vue.js is as popular as it is. The media company NBC, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of technology, are some of the famous uses of the framework. In essence, Vue.js is developer and user friendly, all the while still maintaining its powerful position as a top-of-mind front-end framework. If you are thinking of using Vue.js in your next project, but I'm quite sure if it's the right choice, get in touch with us so our front-end developer experts can help you make the right steps forward to your project.


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