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Tech Recruitment

Tech Recruitment

Finding the right developer for your project can be an excruciating task. If you are not familiar with the programming languages and levels of expertise, you may think that hiring the best in the field is the only way to go. Unfortunately, this automatically means you pay more for something you don’t require. That is why at LavaPi, we offer a very in-demand service of tech recruitment. Hiring for a role you’re not experienced in can prove to be difficult if you don’t know the right questions to ask or how to test the right candidate for the job.

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How do we hire?

To choose the best candidate for the job, we have a specialized recruitment process designed to onboard the most suitable person for the project. First, we receive information from your company about your needs, specific details about what you need to be done and what kind of person you’re looking for. At LavaPi, we then sit down to write a full brief about who we’re collectively looking for, after which we begin our process of discovering the talent.

In tech recruitment, it’s relatively easy to be misled by a portfolio and a resume alone; that is why we have several steps of the process, including interviews and assessments done by human resource managers as well as tech team representatives in their respective fields.

We’re not just looking for a person who can accomplish a task. We also value the teamwork and interpersonal skills of a candidate, so they don’t disrupt the corporate culture already established in the company.


What’s the benefit?

LavaPi has years of experience in tech recruitment because we ourselves found it a challenging task, in the beginning, we’ve mastered the craft of the hiring process. This is exactly why we’ve decided to outsource our knowledge.

We hire from the eastern European talent pool, which means you have a larger variety of professionals working for you, who’ve honed their craft to mastery. Aside from this benefit, you’ll only pay us the success fee, so if in the unlikely event of us not finding the perfect person for the job, you lose nothing. It’s in our best interest to provide your company with a good candidacy.


What other benefits do we offer?

Aside from success fee payment, we save you the cost and hassle of the hiring process, which can be gruelling, especially when we’re talking about hiring in the tech department. Imagine drawing up a brief of what you’re looking for, then announcing the opening in different channels.

How about weeding out the underqualified or even overqualified personnel? Then choose the best person for the job, with fair hourly rates and proficiency in whatever language you’ve decided to code in.


Got a project in mind?

We’ve been in this field for years now and understand how complex the hiring process can be, so that’s why we’ve come to save you time and save you money so that you can focus on the success of the project as a whole.

Email us now, and we don’t want any fees upfront, allow us to find the perfect person for the job; One of the core values of our company is stability and dependability. We’ll be waiting for your email!

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