June, 2021
By Mariam Mikeladze

Behance vs Dribble

Behance vs Dribble

If you are a designer, work with a designer or ever have known a designer, there’s no way you haven’t heard about the platforms of Behance and Dribble. These mediums are basically the virtual galleries or portfolios for promoting and sharing your work. Indeed, both can be beneficial for those who wish to seek inspiration and also for those who want to discover talented artists and offer them job opportunities. At first glance, Behance and Dribble are largely similar; however, if we closely observe the details, we’ll conclude that they are, in fact, very different. So, let’s dive into examining the main differences between these two platforms.

Creative Fields

The content on Behance is much more diverse. You can encounter distinct pieces of work in many different creative categories. You can also use tags to further narrow down your search. Compared to this, Dribble is mainly focused on UI/UX design and Web design and doesn’t provide any categories. The only way of finding desirable content on Dribble is through the use of tags.

Content Type

As we already know, Behance offers assorted content, but how do the two platforms differ when it comes to the content type? Well, while Behance allows you to dive deep into a particular project by presenting significantly detailed art previews, Dribble only allows visitors to skim through a project by showcasing only specific parts of them, such as transitions or animations. On Behance, you can also describe your project and embed various links, videos or GIFS. As you can see, the opportunities are limitless.

Social Interactions

The main difference in social interactions between Dribble and Behance is that the latter lets you send direct messages to the users. You can even send group messages to up to 10 people. On Dribble, you only have three free messages, as the creators take spam very seriously, and you could quickly get your messaging privileges revoked if you ask for an invitation to join the platform via chat.

Job Opportunities

Both platforms have job portals, which is excellent because it makes the designers easily approachable by potential employers. However, the two platforms differ in their prices for posting job positions. The cost of the hiring plans on Dribble starts from 49$. This is a basic search mechanism that allows you to search by skill and location. Behance offers you two monthly subscriptions: Adobe talent – which allows you to post one vacancy per month and costs 399$, and an unlimited version which costs 1499$.

To conclude, Behance and Dribble are pretty different, but both of them are instrumental platforms for designers who are willing to showcase their work and get discovered. Dribble comprises a more exclusive social group due to its invitation-only rule and gives its users many opportunities to get contacted with great job offers. On the other hand, Behance gives you more freedom and opportunity to present your projects in depth and make your portfolio really stand out. If you are a designer and need to develop your presence in the virtual world, it would be a good idea to join both Behance and Dribble and start building your spectacular electronic portfolio right away. 


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