February, 2021
By Irine Gamkrelidze

Custom CMS VS Wordpress

Custom CMS VS Wordpress

An age-old question in development: Do we walk the roads less traveled or do we just go with WordPress CMS? CMS is an acronym for a Content Management System. One might ask, why do people need CMS? What’s the catch? Well, if you aren’t a developer, you might find this feature more than helpful. As the name speaks for itself, CMS offers you the chance to create and edit the content on your website without diving into codes. Indeed, who wants to write < head > every time another headline begins.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular platform used by almost a third of websites on the internet. The main reason people flock to it immediately is because of its CMS. There’s a lot of people out there who want to create business websites for their companies, but have no idea how to code them, edit them and keep them maintained without constant developmental support. WordPress is a reliable, stable platform that never disappointed its users. Their CMS makes life easier for business owners who don’t have any clue how to meddle in their website codes. On the other hand, to be brutally honest, the WordPress CMS is for some very basic needs. The lack of customization forces you into a bubble you have to squeeze into, but sometimes - big businesses require custom care. Another con is the costs - it seems cheap and easy at first, but when time passes, you realize that a basic website isn’t cutting it anymore, you need plugins, more complex templates and there’s a good chance in the end - you will still end up asking for a developer’s help.

Why Custom CMS?

Apart from building easy websites with generic CMS on WordPress, some people have the fantastic idea to outsource their needs to developers who will create unique websites with built-in custom content management systems. Most people settle for the generic CMS because they truly don’t know that there’s a whole universe of opportunity for the taking. In custom CMS, you don’t have to adapt to the system you work with, it’s the complete opposite, the custom content management system is built exclusively for your business.

Think Outside the Box

Have you ever thought - wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do (blank) in my CMS? The good news is, there’s a pretty big chance your thoughts can be coded into reality if you come across some able developers. At LavaPi, we’ve received quite a few outsourced projects for a custom CMS. Every single time, we start from scratch, listening to the needs of our clients so we build an amazing custom CMS for them. Every single content management system is different because every business is unique and we understand that. Those minor tweaks you require in your CMS is exactly what will get you one step closer to a magnificent website and workflow.

If you choose to think outside the box, then you don’t have to keep looking for the able developers, because we are here to help you with every “wouldn’t it be amazing if I could...” questions around web development.



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