May, 2022
By Irine Gamkrelidze

How AI will impact the person's life

How AI will impact the person's life

We all remember the movie "I, Robot" or "Artificial Intelligence," right? That was how some producers and directors saw our future of co-existing with intelligent technology. In reality, as of 2022, the most ordinary person's life is filled with a mobile phone, a TV box similar to an Amazon fire cube, a security camera, etc. Smart homes were all the hype in previous years, and it still hasn't come down from the popularity scale. This is somewhat a positive effect artificial intelligence or intelligent technology has had on our lives. However, there are still people concerned about the digitalization of some jobs. When Tesla introduced the self-driving car, some truckers posed the question, what if our jobs disappear because robots will be able to complete these tasks instead of us. The fear is not unfounded since some professions have vanished because of technological advances. Mail carriers or cashiers are also among many occupations on the brink of extinction; Because more jobs are being robotized, we will soon see less need for service providers such as waiters, loggers, or even drivers.

No significant advancement has been implemented without some sacrifice, but we should also mention that other types of jobs are created because of artificial intelligence. Therefore, we wanted to focus more on how an average person's life will be affected by the advancement of artificial intelligence:


We are all familiar with Siri or Google assistant who's been very helpful in completing some basic tasks on our devices. Many people ask various questions and receive automated responses in a matter of seconds thanks to artificial intelligence, Some of us use our assistance to set an alarm clock or write down her to-do list, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of how much assistance an AI can actually offer us. Wouldn't it be great if you could also ask Siri to put prepare some coffee or scramble your morning eggs for you, while an automated razor takes care of your beard? If this was just wishful thinking in the past, advancements in artificial intelligence, have shown us that it is quite possible to have a full-time live-in assistant follow you around wherever you go


Previously it was sort of an unwritten tradition for families to go shopping on the weekends to stock up the home. When e-commerce entered the market, we sometimes shopped online for big or small items we needed to be delivered to our homes. In the near future, it is quite possible to assume that local malls and grocery stores would be a thing of the past. It is only logical that e-commerce will expand into everyday life and we can even use our assistant, whether it would be Siri or Google assistant for this task. Image this scenario, instead of writing down a to-do list, you call your assistant: "hey Google I would like to purchase three apples to oranges one almond milk, and a pair of yellow converse sneakers ". If previously that would amount to a run from one store to another in the near future, you can shop for your entire family in a matter of minutes while having drones deliver your goods at home.

Drivers and Deliveries

It was not too long ago that Amazon successfully delivered a prime delivery item to its destination via a drone. Soon enough, we will have little robots or drones sent out to bring our items to our homes efficiently. As for taxi companies such as Uber or Lyft, we predict that self-driving cars will be the future. Even though Tesla is in a little bit of hot water after several accidents involving a driverless car, given time, this could be the future of transportation and deliveries.

Seeing the future

No, we're not saying that artificial intelligence will have a crystal ball predicting how many kids you'll have in the future, but we think that analyzing data and predicting future catastrophes such as tsunamis or earthquakes and even heart attacks I'm not so far off from the future we will one day see. Even today hospitals are using digital technologies in artificial intelligence to ease the pressure on medical workers by completing administrative and routine tasks in health facilities.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Even though a lot of people are skeptical or even afraid of the way technology is advancing, we have to list a few benefits that artificial intelligence has to offer: Unlike ordinary humans, AI-powered machines have no need to rest or eat to repetitively complete complex tasks without error. They also gather data and analyze every single action they complete, so no mistake is bound to repeat more than once. Artificial intelligence is a big part of computer science that brings together the most important disciplines to craft super-machines that one day make our lives much better and more manageable. Or they could also wipe humanity from the face of the earth; who knows? Haha! We'll see.


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