March, 2021
By Dako S.

Is Augmented Reality Our Future?

Is Augmented Reality Our Future?

Do you have any idea what Augmented Reality stands for? Augmented reality is the future of the tech industry. As some state, it is a real-time use of information that comes in the form of audio, graphics, text, or other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects. A few years ago, AR seemed to be far in the future but in times of pandemic, it became more realistic than we could ever imagine. Because of the current situation, we can’t go to the store to try something out, so AR seems like a good solution to the mentioned problem. If you still didn’t get it clearly, here comes the example: eyewear company lets you take a photo of your face and you can virtually try on glasses, before deciding to buy them. Company “Snap” teamed up with luxury brands: Gucci and Dior and they also offer virtual try-ons.

Have You Ever Talked with Chatbots?

Sometimes chatbots can be more helpful and quick than humans who control social media. You can simply find specific information in no time with the help of chatbots. In case if they can’t help, a human being takes over and answers your questions. Amazon, Facebook, and other web pages or social media massively use chatbots to answer their customers. 

AR is becoming more and more popular because of customer interest. Apple and Android smartphones offer people sensors to detect depth and this feature makes it easier for AR to place things, for example, virtual furniture in the real spaces. 

Which are Augmented Reality applications?

One of the popular examples of Augmented Reality is an application called “Augment” which works for both, IOS and Android platforms. It gives you the chance to experience the product while being at home and testing how it fits your environment. This platform is used by companies like Coca-Cola, Nokia, Nestle, etc. We can also experience the AR games like Pokémon Go, Real Strike, Zombie Go, etc. Houzz is another AR app for both Android and IOS and is designed for furniture sellers. Along with Houzz, IKEA Place suggests the same functionalities, as it allows customers to put the product at home by AR.

What would you prefer in times of pandemic? Would it be online try-ons or shopping in crowded malls? Augmented reality seems to be more convenient; you can simply stay in your bed and choose something that matches your needs and your character without making much effort.


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