April, 2022
By Irine Gamkrelidze

Smart Ways to find an IT team for your project

Smart Ways to find an IT team for your project

“We are looking for a few good men” may sound like something from the past century, but it is still relevant for entrepreneurs and businesses trying to build a team for their IT project.

We are here to guide you on who you’ll need on your dream team to make the process work. Every single project may be different from each other, it is just as individualistic as the people you’ll need on your team, but some things never change; here are the people you’d need to find from an excellent IT team:

What Roles do I need?

The most crucial part of finding the best IT team for your project is defining roles: Who are the people you will need to complete the project successfully? The developers or a no-brainer, but what about management and Design? How many people will be required to take your project from zero to completion in an adequate time? When thinking of assembling an IT team, most people focus on finding the right developer first. It is equally important to finding someone to manage the entire project so you don’t have to be a micromanager of every single task given to your team members. Whether your project requires an agile team or a waterfall method, in both cases you will need a great manager who will balance the tasks equally among team members while tracking the progress to make sure that no deadlines are missed. If you were thinking of looking for each of these team members separately, we have to mention the difficulty of this whole process because finding the best people for the job does not mean that these people will work together seamlessly. After you’ve defined what you really need it, there are two ways you can go about establishing your IT team:

Finding Freelancers

During the coronavirus epidemic, a lot of people decided to outsource their skills remotely, we find that the best professionals available for the job I rarely tied up in a single company working from 9 to 5. Most great developers, designers or project managers are working as freelancers on various projects. You will have to take some time away from your schedule to recruit and evaluate the candidates for your job but keep in mind that choosing the right developer or a designer is a difficult task because you have to be equipped with the knowledge to identify the skills of the said individual: sadly there is no magic wand that filters through the wannabes and the professionals or is there?

Recruitment Agency

A great timesaver and a lifesaver, even, is a good recruitment agency. They already know candidates that would work great with your projects and all of the people they have to offer have been double-checked and evaluated extensively, so you don’t have to waste your time wondering if the person you hired is the right one for the job. Moreover, the agencies can help you pair a good developer with a good designer that will also work great with a project manager or a scrum master. In most cases, the recruitment agency also takes responsibility for the people they offer for hire. It’s a safety net that saves you time and money by filtering out people who will abandon you mid-project. Sadly, we’ve seen countless cases where outsourced individuals left their responsibilities Midway, and to go even further, and there is no protection for the companies that hire either on a freelance or a full-time basis. That is why recruitment agencies are better equipped to choose the right people for your project while handling the hassle of evaluation and recruitment.

Digital Agency

If you already know exactly what you want but you were looking for a team that has previous experience of working together and completing several IT projects then we recommend looking for a digital agency. In 2022 outsourcing your IT needs became a huge hype for organizations worldwide. Eastern European countries are currently offering the same services as a western developers for much more reasonable prices. Countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia have been named as the go-to destinations for companies looking for outsourced talent. These countries have developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, product owners, scrum masters, etc.


There are three ways to handle finding an IT team: Hire freelancers, find a good recruitment agency, that specializes in tech, or onboard a digital agency that has previous experience working on web or app development (or whatever your project needs). Keep in mind, that recruitment, evaluation, and management are a huge hassle because no business has the amount of time to spend on these processes, all the while not being sure of the success of the outcome. If you’re looking for a successful dream team to spearhead your project into succession, you can contact us for more details. We’ve worked with start-ups and enterprises alike, and our track record speaks for itself.

Nevertheless, we wish you all the luck in your endeavor of finding the best IT team possible for your new project.


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