April, 2021
By Ani T.

UI, UX, Graphic Design: Functions and Differences

UI, UX, Graphic Design: Functions and Differences

As today's tech world is developing, its aspects are advancing along with it. Web and Graphic design play an essential role in any digital product. The careers that these art practices require tend to confuse people as some of them find it difficult to understand their functions and the differences between the two.

Graphic Design

While UI/UX mainly functions digitally, graphic designers can work on both print and virtual projects. They create visual concepts that target and captivate consumers who can potentially be interested in a specific product. Graphic Designers craft the overall layout and design assets like logos, typography, color palettes, and image libraries representing a brand and optimizing the viewers' satisfaction. Keeping in mind that Graphic Design is the easiest to observe for the audience, designers must accurately portray the item or the company's personality.

User Interface and User Experience

UI/UX stands for User Interface and Experience. While Graphic Designers have specific visual tasks for the product, UI/UX Designers continuously work on its entirety. They are responsible for the projects' overall visual and interactive side and aim for the website to be aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and efficient. UI and UX are two different concepts that, when fused, make a whole.

UI design ensures that users' interface is appealing and easily navigable. If Graphic Design only focuses on the products' visual, UI Designer, other than providing an eye-catching and engaging craft, has to figure out how users interact with it and maximize the application's usability.

UX designer is the one who creates and develops systems that drive tech-focused interactive products, intending to enhance the user experience. UX requires logical and technical thinking. UX designers have to balance users' needs with business goals. They define their content strategy and goals, create an interaction design and information architecture, and validate/test the product with multiple testing methods.

In other words, UX designer maps out the website's structure and aims for a well-operated application. The UI designer follows the next step, filling it with visual and interactive elements.

Role of Coding in UI/UX

Although neither Graphic nor Digital art requires programming, it is an immense advantage that a person can have as a UX Designer. Virtual Project is a perfect mixture of code and design, so UI/UX usually demands communication with developers; Therefore, having a basic understanding of code profits one's interaction with programmers.

Which art practice do you find the most captivating and why? As a user, do you prefer a visually appealing website or an easily interactive one? At LavaPi every functionality and option for your project is designed as per modern and innovative UX and UI techniques. We manipulate psychological factors to showcase your products and deliver your message to the masses.


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