May, 2022
By Irine Gamkrelidze

Project Management Tools to Use in 2022

Project Management Tools to Use in 2022

Project management has become a water-proof method of managing workload successfully, and if you do it correctly, you will have happy co-workers, clients, and completed tasks. The agile approach is a disciple that helps companies do just that. Agile is used in projects that don't have a linear style of work; for example, the waterfall method depends on point A being completed before starting point B, while agile is more… agile! It's adaptable to situations and feedback; there are countless tools designed for project managers to use in their everyday lives. Here are our favorites:


Communication is a vital part of management; it keeps the whole team informed about the processes, so they know instant updates and changes in real-time. Slack supports remote work. You may get the information you need on your own time when work is structured in channels, regardless of your location, time zone, or function. Without needing to plan schedules, you may ask questions, catch up, and communicate updates, simply by logging into Slack, a messaging app created with companies' and employees' comfort in mind.

Google Meets

Another essential point of project management is stand-up meetings. In Agile, most managers have a daily call scheduled so every member of the team lists off three things: What they worked on yesterday, what they are doing today, and the plan for tomorrow. That is why it's a fantastic idea to integrate Google Meets into Slack and use this app for stand-ups. This is the highest rank application, followed by Zoom and Bluejeans. We prefer the meets app over everything because it's straightforward to use and unlike Zoom, it doesn't need constant updates to its plugin.

JIRA (Trello or Asana)

You must've heard about JIRA, it's the most sought-after task management tool in the development world. JIRA has a lot of useful features and tools for project management. You can simply export clear project progress and expense management with a few easy clicks. It is extremely adaptable to any sort of project because of its clean UI/UX design, highly flexible workflow, and extensive integration support. JIRA is a product of Atlassian, which also owns Trello, which is a great project management tool, right next to Asana. Still, JIRA brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer service to start-ups and companies, helping them plan, allocate, track, report, and manage work. The #1 tool for agile teams, Jira Software, helps software teams develop better.


If you're unfamiliar with Notion, it's an "all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases," according to the company. It's essentially a tool for organizing your thoughts, tasks, and information. Notion is exceptionally adaptable. It may be used as a writing database, task management software, an exercise calendar, or a database, among other things. Even better, you can link the data in each of those projects so that your fitness calendar may refer to your diary entries.


ActiveCollab has a wide range of capabilities, including job management, time tracking, and invoicing. At every step in the process, tasks may be given and monitored. The entire team can see everyone's duties on a system-wide calendar, so everyone can understand where they stand in the project's development. ActiveCollab also compares work progress in real-time to the accuracy of time estimations. Collaboration on written papers is possible because of a built-in writing tool. ActiveCollab also connects to your email software. ActiveCollab is designed to be a workspace hub for your entire business, but because it's charged per team member, you can try it out with a small group and then scale it up if it's a good match.


We've listed all the apps we personally find helpful in our everyday work life, keep in mind that:

Agile project management and software development is an iterative method that helps teams offer value to clients faster and with fewer difficulties. An agile team provides work in tiny, digestible chunks rather than relying on one push of a big red button.


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