February, 2021
By Irine Gamkrelidze

Laravel as the Best PHP Framework in 2021

Laravel as the Best PHP Framework in 2021

The results are in - Laravel is keeping its popularity on the rise. Since PHP is the most popular scripting language for web developers, its frameworks are always under the spotlight. In the first three months of 2020, google trends have shown that Laravel is steadily beating out its counter-parts. The first one to go was CodeIgniter, then Symfony and CakePHP followed suit.

Complex Visuals - Light as a Feather

Laravel’s Blade templating engine could very well be the secret ingredient in making it the most demanding framework. Imagine, if a web project is outsourced to a developer, there’s a big chance the task demands the use of a template engine. Laravel offers exquisite features with a weight of a feather - you can create stunning, complex layouts that have zero effect on the site performance. You may have seen cutting-edge websites, with graphics, visuals, and text, that flow effortlessly from page to page - it’s a safe bet to assume Laravel was involved in the making process.

Unit and Feature Tests

The extreme performance enhancement feature of Laravel comes from its testing abilities. So, the theoretical developer is now done with his outsourced web development project, it looks nice, loads quickly - but what about bugs? Laravel’s testing allows the user to test the smallest of codes to perfection - this is a Unit test. As for larger codebases, we have the Feature test, which can run simultaneously in unison.

Limited budget, Big Dreams

If our theoretical (and as it seems quite popular) web developer gets an offer to work on an outsourced web development project with a low budget, Laravel is the way to go. Compared to other frameworks, it’s more affordable but still gives you the chance to craft amazing projects. It’s a very wide-spread myth that good things come to those who spend more money or something of the sort. In reality, a good developer armed with correct tools may turn anyone’s creative ideas into a digital reality.

Academy for Developers

Other than technical advantages, we think the Laracast may have something to do with this framework’s popularity. The website offers screencasts for aspiring developers, who wish to master their first steps in web craftsmanship. For some developers who work on outsourced web development projects, Laravel offers prosperous features with clean and reusable codes. Laracast offers developers some free lessons in Laravel, so the new players in the digital sea are more likely to lean towards something they can understand easily.

At LavaPi, we’ve had many outsourced projects done with Laravel, it can even be considered a personal favorite of ours. It’s always a welcomed challenge for our developers to build professional business websites - with an attitude! If you ever find yourself in need of a game-changing business website, feel free to challenge us to build it in Laravel.


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