June, 2021
By Mariam Mikeladze

Working with Remote Developers

Working with Remote Developers

As Outsourcing Services are becoming more and more popular worldwide, many companies have started to give off-site developers a chance. Some people might feel sceptical about this novelty trend in the industry because many do not realize the obvious benefits of working with outsourced developers. When you approach the concept of outsourcing with an open mind and analyze all aspects of the remote service, you will find that it is not as risky as some might think. In this blog, we are going to answer the question of why you should start working with remote developers today.

Remote Teams Are More Productive

We know that productivity is a must-have skill for a software developer, but what exactly does it take to be productive throughout the day? It is evident that a person working in a more comfortable environment, follows his schedule, and distributes the tasks according to his preferences, will complete his duties more effectively than an employee who is working long, exhausting hours in an office. Also, hiring remote developers is less costly. You can pay them on a per hour basis - according to the time they spent completing specific tasks, instead of forcing them to work 8 hours in an office, where a reasonable amount of time is spent merely on unnecessary coffee breaks. 

Access to the Best Talent Around the World 

It is a known fact that the IT industry is suffering from a shortage of talent. Professional developers specialized in niche technologies are consistently high in demand, which means that it could be challenging to find an employee you need in your area instantly. In cases like this, you can widen your options by searching for excellent remote developers worldwide who will be available to work for your project full time with determination and dedication.

The Future is Remote

Globalization has transformed how business is conducted. It is no longer necessary to have a fancy office to start a business. Various huge multinational organizations have their operations spread out across different locations. It leads to the importance of Global Talent increasing significantly day by day. That is why companies should start equipping themselves with modern systems that will allow them to work with outsourced groups if they wish to develop a successful business. Systems like these include Jira, Scrum, Slack, Zoom or Agile processes. These are all excellent ways to keep in touch and motivate your remote team.

Lately, it has become prevalent to hire talents from Europe. LavaPi offers professional tech recruitment and outsourced software development services provided by top-notch Eastern European Developers. At LavaPi, we primarily draw talents from Georgia (country) and ensure the customer gets the best service possible. So, if you wish to keep up with modern business trends, stay open-minded. Don’t let your company get left behind just because you can not reach the right talent to get the job done.


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