March, 2021
By Mariam Mikeladze

The Pros and Cons of AI

The Pros and Cons of AI

Artificial Intelligence a.k.a AI machines are taught how to think, feel and create like humans. Well, is this comforting news? Or is it a bit disturbing? Let us review some of the advantages and disadvantages of AI in the workplace and our daily lives. 

Advantages of AI

Reduced Human Error - One definite benefit that we get from AI machines, is reduced human error. Humans make mistakes, that's exactly what makes us humans. It does not matter how concentrated or determined a person is, a chance is, his work is not going to be absolutely immaculate. This is where the robots take advantage. If a computer is properly programmed, it will not make any mistakes.  

Reduced Danger to Humans - As humans, we don't like to put ourselves in stressful or risky situations, so in these kinds of cases, robots can take over. For example, if there had been any AI robots at Chernobyl during the nuclear power plant explosion, we would get significantly fewer human casualties. 

Time efficiency - Humans hate to be overworked, but robots? – they don't mind! The AI machines can work 24/7 without any breaks, and the quality of their performance would not decrease. Moreover, robots are great for doing repetitive tasks and following specific routines – they don't get bored, so no order effects will affect the outcome. 

Disadvantages of AI

AI is Expensive - AI machines are technologically advanced. The latest software and hardware are needed for their creation which are usually very costly. They also need repairing and maintenance from time to time which adds to the expenses. 

Emotionless - Robots are highly efficient; however, they could never form an emotionally intelligent team. They cannot develop bonds or think creatively when it comes to solving unusual problems. 

Unemployment - As machines are starting to dominate workplaces, people are losing jobs. The world is becoming much more automated, which is a bit alarming. Could this become an addiction for humanity? Could this bring about progress and development for the following generations or become the source of emotional and mental degradation?

As we can see, AI technology is both beneficial and threatening at the same time. However, every new invention carries some degree of risk with it. All we have to do is make the best out of the machines' advantages and keep them from becoming too influential in our daily lives. 



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