July, 2021
By Mariam Mikeladze

E-commerce Role and Top Trends of 2021

E-commerce Role and Top Trends of 2021

It is hard to imagine the world of the 21st century without electronic communications, especially electronic commerce. This is an activity referring to electronically buying or selling products all over the internet, so basically, any business transaction conducted online. It is not surprising that over the years, people have become more and more reluctant to leave their homes; why would they? - when they have an option to do their business online using their electronic devices. There's no doubt that the role of E-commerce has become significant in both business and IT industries. On that note, let us move to review some of the most prominent E-commerce trends of 2021.

Video Ads on Social Media

Social media is essential in people's lives, and it has become the most effective and direct source of affecting the latters' decision-making process. Therefore, brands have begun to advertise their product on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. So if you wish to improve your marketing strategies, you need to up your game on social media.

Use of AI to Learn About Shoppers

The machine learning process is all about personalizing the shopping experience for customers. AI collects data on particular shoppers, such as the things they pay attention to in a product before deciding to purchase them. Therefore, the use of AI is crucial for companies and brands to understand the emotions and needs of their customers, which will eventually contribute to them selling more products.

Chatbots Improve the Shopping Experience

Chatbots have become increasingly popular recently, which is not surprising, as they are practical, helpful and a lot of fun for customers who shop online. Chatbots are online alternatives for in-store sales associates who help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Searching for an item on shopping websites can become frustrating if we are not sure how to search for them correctly; this is where the chatbot saves the day and ensures the user's ultimate satisfaction.

Mobile Shopping is Very Popular 

People are becoming more and more addicted to their phones. At this point, most of the business is conducted mainly via mobile devices because of their practicality and accessibility. Therefore, companies need to create their eCommerce websites that will be available on mobile devices. This will attract more customers to their website and possibly increase sales.

Offer More Ways to Pay 

Variety in paying methods is very convenient for customers. In fact, this issue is so serious that a brand might lose many sales just because customers are not given an option to pay in a way they desire. Increasing the possibilities of paying methods increases the conversion rate on websites. Also, it is important to let customers save their payment information; this way, they will be able to check out even faster on their next purchase.  

We know that E-commerce has always been popular because of the fact that some people prefer shopping right from their homes rather than going to the huge malls and getting themselves exhausted. However, its role has significantly increased due to the worldwide pandemic, making the internet the only possible source of communication for business brands and their customers. In these strange times, it has become crucial for any brand to build its online presence to survive. Therefore, follow the tips suggested above to stay up to date with the Ecommerce trends of 2021.



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